Other Features

Some additional features of the Orion BMS:

  • Open cell voltage calculation – The cell’s voltage is calculated as if the cell had no load applied. This data is mostly used for internal calculations, but is provided to the user.
  • Redundant parallel cell monitoring – The same cell can be monitored more than once to increase redundancy and double the balancing current (see manual for important details on proper wiring for this.)
  • Busbar resistance compensation – The Orion BMS can compensate out extra resistance from longer busbars or cables between batteries. For very high resistance cables, additional wiring precautions must be taken (see wiring manual for more details.)
  • Heartbeat monitoring of other ECUs (electronic control units) – The BMS has the ability to look for CAN activity from other ECUs. If traffic stops, the BMS can set an error code. This can be used for cross checking other ECUs.

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