Fully Programmable Dual CANBUS Interfaces


Virtually every aspect of transmitted CANBUS messages can be customized.

The OrionBMS features two CANBUS 2.0B interfaces, allowing up to 10 custom messages to be transmitted at regular intervals.

This provides powerful integration capabilities with other CANBUS enabled devices.

Virtually everything about the messages can be customized:

  • Identifier (standard or extended)
  • Frequency (speed of broadcast)
  • Message length
  • Message contents (byte values)
  • Message order (Endianness)
  • Byte order (LSB, MSB)
  • Broadcast on CAN1 or CAN2.
  • Tx in Is-Ready or Is-Charging.

Additional features:

  • Compatible with OBD2.
  • Ability to specify the OBD2 ECU ID.
  • Multiple baud-rates supported (125 Kbps, 250 Kbps, 500 Kbps, 1 Mbps).
  • CAN1 and CAN2 are isolated from each other and may use different baud rates.
  • Mathematical operations can be performed on CANBUS message contents.
  • Can be configured to communicate with J1939 devices and other CAN standards

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