Integration with Other Devices

To provide maximum support for interfacing with external devices (such as chargers, motor controllers, power inverters, etc), the Orion BMS has several different types of outputs.

The digital output signals provide ON / OFF control. The 5V analog voltage outputs allow for current limiting based on an analog voltage and can also be used for interfacing with gauges and meters.

Digital Data Communication

  • 2 separate CAN interfaces

Digital On/Off Outputs:

  • Charger Safety Enable (for controlling battery charger)
  • Charge Enable (for controlling source when an on/off switch is needed)
  • Discharge Enable (for controlling load when an on/off switch is needed)

Analog Voltage Outputs (0 – 5v):

  • State of Charge (SOC)
  • Discharge Current Limit (DCL)
  • Charge Current Limit (CCL)
  • Battery Amperage (Amps)

The Orion BMS is compatible with the following chargers:

  • Brusa
  • Eltek Valere
  • Elcon / TC Charger
  • Current Ways
  • ZiVan

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