Below is comparison of the Orion lithium ion battery management system with other BMS units commonly used in electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid applications. See the features page for more details.


Orion BMS Lithiumate Pro MK3x8 MiniBMS
Overcharge/discharge, thermal & overcurrent protection
Cell & Pack Health Monitoring
Cell Balancing
Field Programmable
State of charge monitoring Optional Separate
Charge/discharge current limits
Cell & Pack Internal Resistances
Trouble codes w/ OBD-II freeze frame
Simulation of ‘virtual’ PHEV battery
Programmable OBD-II support
Centralized Design
Supports external thermistors
CANBUS Interfaces 2 Interfaces 1 Interface
Isolation Fault Detection Optional
Automotive grade locking connectors
Easy to disconnect from battery
Supports dual ranging current sensors
Programmable structure for all CAN messages
Software for data logging & programming
Cell voltage sampling rate 30mS 600mS – 10,000mS 62.5mS per cell N / A
Cell voltage measuring range 0.5v – 5.0v 2.04v – 4.54v 1.25v – 6.0v N / A

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