Battery Compatibility

With a wide voltage sensing range of 0.5v – 5V per cell for monitoring and balancing, the Orion BMS is compatible with virtually all Lithium Ion batteries on the market.

Other BMS systems available cannot be used with certain lower voltage chemistries such as lithium-titanate or higher voltage chemistries that the OrionBMS supports.

The Orion BMS is flexible enough that it works with large format NiMH batteries which operate at much lower voltages than lithium ion batteries.

The BMS is also designed to be used with very high capacity, high power, and high voltage battery packs.

Here are just a few of the chemistries compatible with the Orion BMS:

  • Thundersky / Winston (LiFEPO4)
  • Sky Energy / CALB (LiFEPO4)
  • PSI (LiFEPO4)
  • Headway (LiFEPO4)
  • K2 Energy (LiFEPO4)
  • A123 (LiFEPO4)
  • Mottcell (LiFEPO4)
  • RealForce (LiFEPO4)
  • Hipower (LiFEPO4)
  • Gold-Peak (LiFEPO4, LiMn2O2)
  • GBS / Elite Power (LiFeMnPO4)
  • Sanyo (Li-Ion)
  • Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
  • LiFeYPo4
  • LiCoO2

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