OBDII & Freeze Frame Diagnostic Support

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

The OrionBMS sets DTCs when errors are present. It also keeps freeze-frame information for easy diagnosing of problems.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs, error codes) help with identifying and repairing problems. Error codes are both used for informational purposes and for insuring that a failure of one system does not compromise the performance or reliability of another system.

In addition to simple error codes, the Orion BMS stores freeze frame data (complete snapshot of all parameters at time of code being set) when the error occurs to assist in locating the cause of the error. For OBD-II applications, OBD-II diagnostic trouble codes can be assigned specific DTC handles. For example, a detected fault with the current sensor could set a code “P1234” or “P0030” depending on how it was programmed. This is especially useful in applications where other OBD-II capable systems can also set error codes.

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