Basic Features

Current & Voltage Protection
Protects the battery pack from over-charge and over-discharge thereby extending cycle life
Health Monitoring
Monitors internal resistance of individual cells and the measured capacity of the battery pack
Thermal Management
Over-temperature and under-temperature protection with fan controls for cooling or heating
State of Charge Monitoring With Drift
Coulomb counting and dynamic drift correction are used to monitor the state of charge
  Digital & Analog Output Controls
Provides multiple methods of controlling chargers, motor controllers and other external devices
Compatible With Almost All Li-Ion Batteries
A wide cell voltage range supports almost all lithium ion batteries and even some NiMH batteries
Intelligent Cell Balancing
Efficient passive balancing is used to maximize the usable capacity of battery packs
  Field Programmable
Parameters such as voltage ranges, current limits and many other settings are easily field changeable.
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