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Pack voltage is reading a different voltage than measured by a voltmeter

Possible Causes: In some situations the total pack voltage sensor calibration may drift and produce voltage readings that are higher or lower than the actual pack voltage over time. This only occurs when the BMS is used in applications with … Continue reading

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Pre-Balancing Cells

Lithium ion cells are often shipped from the manufacturer at different states of charge from one another. This is sometimes due to the manufacturer pulling from different lots, cells with vastly different discharge rates, or a result of the manufacturer … Continue reading

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Using Multiple Chargers in Parallel

In some cases, it may be desirable to charge at a rate faster than one charger can handle. Some charger manufacturers allow paralleling two or more chargers together to achieve a higher charge rate. The Orion BMS can be configured … Continue reading

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Setting Up EngineLink

EngineLink is an application for Apple tablets and smartphones that interfaces with OBD2 enabled devices (via an ELM 327 OBD-II WiFi adapter) and provides visual feedback in the form of gauges and digital readouts of the various parameters and values … Continue reading

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