U0100 – CANBUS Communication Fault

This fault means the BMS did not receive a CANBUS message it was expecting. The fault is only enabled under 2 conditions:

Condition 1) If the BMS is specifically configured to monitor for the presence of external CAN message (heartbeat monitoring).

Condition 2) If multiple BMS units are strung together in series (master-slave mode) and communication is lost between 2 units.

This error is set if communication messages are not received after a specified amount of time. This error is most commonly caused by incorrect profile settings (i.e. a unit setup for master slave configuration when it is not actually in a master slave configuration), if the BMS and the other device are powered up or down at slightly different times (not powered by the same power rail) or if the CANBUS is not properly terminated.


Resolving the issue:

Step 1. If the BMS is used as a standalone unit (only one BMS unit used for the battery pack), ensure that the unit is configured as a standalone unit.

Check the “BMS Unit Type (Master / Slave)” setting in the profile under the “Addon settings” tab and ensure it is setup as a “Single Unit (none)”

Step 2. If the BMS is a part of a master-slave configuration or is setup to monitor for heartbeat message, ensure proper CANBUS configuration including termination and ensure that other units are powered up and powered down at exactly the same time.

Check the CAN connection for errors which may arise from electronic noise, improper shielding, improper CANBUS termination, non-twisted pair communication cable, ground loops or other wiring problems such as cut cables.

Step 3. If the BMS is not intended to be setup to listen for heartbeat messages from other ECUs, ensure that no messages are setup as “Receive” messages.

Step 4. If the BMS is listening for heartbeat messages from other ECUs, ensure the heartbeat messages the BMS is indicating that it did not receive the heartbeat messages.

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