P0560 – Redundant Power Supply Fault

This error message is triggered when the always on power to the BMS is off while the READY or CHARGE power is on. This error is not triggered on revision D & newer units if “Disable Always On Power Supply” setting is on since revision D & newer units do not require always on power for storing data.


Resolving the issue:

Step 1. If this is on a revision D & newer unit and the system is not designed for always-on power, change the “Disable Always On Power Supply” setting to on.

Step 2. Inspect the always on power supply (pin 1 on the Main I/O connector to ensure +12v is present).

If always-on power was supplied to the BMS after READY or CHARGE power when originally powered up, clear the error code (always review other error codes before clearing since erasing codes will erase all codes which may have useful information for diagnosing other problems).

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