Connection To BMS Slow

Some computers can take awhile to connect to the BMS. One common reason for this is having Bluetooth enabled. Some operating systems do not properly implement the Bluetooth protocol and thus it can take awhile for the BMS utility to determine which communication devices are connected.

The symptoms of this problem are that the computer might "hang" or "freeze" for 10 or more seconds while connecting to the BMS.

The solution to this problem would be to temporarily disable Bluetooth on the computer while the utility is being used.

This problem is not to be confused with slow data retrieval (that is, data being polled from the BMS comes back slow). This can be a result of having too many messages being broadcast on the CANBUS (an overloaded bus, possibly made worse by enabling the Cell Broadcast Message). It can also be a result of having a slow baud-rate specified (eg: 125 kBps is going to be sigifnicantly slower than 500 kBps) or if the CANBUS wiring is not proper (eg: untwisted or insufficiently twisted wire or incorrect termination could allow noise on the CANBUS and cause reduced message speed).

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